kind words from other business owners:

 "My staff all had a positive experience and are talking about the night very positively and are telling me examples of when they have implemented components of the presentation.

That in itself is encouraging for me as some of those people have been doing it for 20 years and for you to have empowered them is fantastic as is demonstrates they don’t know it all and are open to improvement."

Glenn Vardy – Frames Now, VIC Australia

 "While at WCAF Las Vegas, our team of custom framing trainers and myself took as many classes as we could possibly fit into our schedules. Of all the classes taken, Jared "What Customers Want" class was the most talked about, the most memorable and provided a wealth of information that we could take back to our teams. We look forward to taking more of Jared's classes in the future!" 

Jeff Ball, Director of Framing Operations, A.C. Moore USA.

 "Jared applies his knowledge skill & experience when making his presentations, and these are reflected in the information he provides. His presentations are both very informative and humorous, and he has an uncanny ability to hold his audiences attention from start to finish." 

 Quentin Webster MCPF - Framing Matters, ACT Australia 

 Jared is without a doubt an expert in our trade. He has given us insights into the global industry of picture framing in regards to sales & marketing." 


Tony Stocks - Framing to a T, VIC Australia 

 "Jared's passion and enthusiasm for our industry is contagious, and we really enjoy the ideas & concepts he shares with us, as they have really worked for our business."  

Sami Sadek & Odette Miles - Fast Frame Bentleigh, VIC Australia

 "Jared focuses on what really does make a difference to the bottom line of businesses like ours. He adds real weight to his presentations as he speaks from personal experience." 

 Eddie Hayes, Frame Design, QLD Australia 

“Jared’s breadth of knowledge is astounding. His delivery was perfect and all the bases were covered. And he managed to keep our attention and keep us involved for 2.5 hours.”

Andrea Werner, Fast Frame, Washington USA

“Jared’s a great speaker, and his presentation was clear and easy to follow. I came away with lots of marketing techniques for the future!”

Carol Hetzel, A Matter Of Framing, Colorado USA

“Jared was humorous, captivating - great ideas.

Fantastic Stories from “real” framer experiences.”

Susie Engelstad, Art House Designs Inc, Washington USA

"Very entertaining & good sense of humor. Delightfully Evil!"

Jeremy Rundle, Artworks Gallery, Pennsylvania USA

"Jared's presentation was upbeat, informative and inventive!"

Greg Fourmier, The Framing Guru, California USA

"I have been reading your articles in PFM for the last year, and find them "spot right on". I love the dynamics you bring to the framing industry"

Kim Ratzel, Finger Lakes, NY USA