About Me

A Philosophy for the Future


Having worked in the Picture Framing industry for over 27 years, I’ve dedicated myself  to bringing my message to conferences around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop educator, I try to help break through the boundaries that limit picture framers from reaching their full potential. 

Building Connections


 As an educator, I enjoy being actively involved with our industry associations such PPFA, to open networking opportunities with framers which help share knowledge and support future growth and success in business for everyone. 

Presentations and Articles


Through my travels for both work and as a speaker, I'm continually learning about new business ideas and strategies s which I incorporate into my workshop presentations and published articles. 



Great Frameshops with Great Ideas


I developed this interactive presentation over the last decade after visiting hundreds of different framing businesses around the globe – collating the best ideas and concepts from the most progressive businesses, big and small. I also reveal some very inspirational "before and after" business transformations that will leave you inspired. 

Guerrilla Selling Techniques


I created this class to explore new & proven methods for effectively up-selling higher value framing.  This class also includes strategies for closing the sale and handling difficult situations such as indecision and price objections. 

Increasing Sales without Selling


This seminar was created based on strategies used by successful framing businesses from around the globe. Cover several areas of selling potential including in-store merchandizing and customer solutions. I also reveal insight into hidden pricing and profit strategies to help increase sales without an extra customer walking through your door. 

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