Jared is a featured editor for  Picture Framing Magazine with his regular column called Sales Strategies. 

Writing since 2005, Jared has written over 170  articles published in major industry publications across the globe including Art & Framing Today, Décor Magazine, PPFA News, Profile Magazine, Larson-Juhl Aspect Magazine. 

Some have even been translated into different languages including German, Chinese and Japanese.

He has also authored the book "Getting the most value from your CMC"  which is a popular reference guide for new CMC users. 

Popular Previous Articles:

Inspired to Change


Change is a vital ingredient in the selling process. Consumers are constantly exposed to changes at the stores where they shop and prefer to buy items that are current and in tune with the latest trends. Here are some businesses that have embraced the need evolve and change. 

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What Customers Want


Business begins with customers. If you don’t have what they want, you don’t have a business! Which raises the question—what do customers want? The key to future business success is to understand what today’s customer really wants in terms of products, service, and experience. A successful business caters to this demand.  

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The Education of a Customer


How often have you had a framing customer suffer from price shock and ask you, “Why is it so expensive?” There is more to making a frame than meets the eye, so here are some strategies to consider which help educate customers and achieve higher value sales.

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Dealing with Indecision


Indecision can be a major obstacle to

finalizing a sale. This article offers some helpful tips to make customers feel informed and confident of their choices at your front counter. 

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The Value of Branding


 In his column, “The Value of Branding,” Jared stresses the importance of consistent use of brand and logo images in marketing and provides insights on developing a brand as well as the top benefits of branding.  

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Building Repeat Customers


Building repeat business is crucial to the growth of any framing business. This article explores ways to  create engagement with customers that helps keep them coming back.  

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Jared has been writing articles for numerous publications since 2005:

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