Since 2005, Jared has taught over 200 seminars & workshops as an educator and a keynote speaker.

Speaking to audiences of 200+ people, Jared has lectured to thousands of framers around the globe in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, China , Japan and Singapore for different tradeshows and educational events on behalf of WCAF, the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA), the Fine Art Trade Guild

Jared is proud to have spoken on behalf of industry leading companies Larson-Juhl and GUNNAR.

Selling to the Younger Generation


How is your business positioned to be able to take advantage of the new wave of millennial customers and the new era of selling custom framing? Jared will provide insight into the buying preferences of different consumer generations and reveal selling & marketing concepts to help your business to meet the expectations of the next generation of customers. 

Increasing Sales Without Selling


 Work smarter, not harder, with this class that explores new and proven strategies for increasing your sales without becoming a salesperson! Jared reveals business strategies to improve your bottom line – used by some of the most successful framing businesses around the globe. Vital areas of sales potential will be covered including in-store merchandising, displays, promotional signage, and expanded customer solutions. Jared also provides insight into some secret pricing and profit strategies, which will increase your sales without an extra customer walking through your door. 

Great Frameshops with Great Ideas


 Jared reveals a visual journey of some of the best ideas and concepts from frame shops around the globe which stand out from the crowd! The ideas explored will range from appealing sales displays to practical concepts and point-of-sales aids to improve processes. Jared also reveals some inspirational "before and after" business transformations and insights into overall store layout and sale counter designs. You will also discover useful business strategies designed to improve your customer experience and your bottom line. 

Strategies for Selling Mouldings


In this presentation, Jared will explore the most effective ideas for maximizing your moulding profit and sale potential, currently used by progressive and successful framing businesses. New concepts for point-of-sale display will be demonstrated, helping make the design process easier and more appealing to today’s changing consumer. Jared will also investigate proven profit-generating strategies for inventory control, as well as pricing and mark-up strategies for improving your sale potential for premium, high-end mouldings and your profitability for contract mouldings.   

Adding Value with Matboard


Matboard is a fundamental material for picture framing – however with all of the different grades and features of boards available on the market, it can be confusing. This session will help decipher and simplify the different standards of matboards available, by providing a clearer technical explanation of the differences between Decorator, Conservation and Museum grades of matboard. This session will also explore proven strategies on how to effectively sell premium grades of matboard.  

Guerrilla Selling Techniques


Jared explores new & proven methods for effectively up-selling higher value framing. By deciphering consumer psychology, Jared demonstrates techniques that will convert doubtful scenarios into profitable sales. Jared will also reveal some helpful ideas using sales aids and displays to help streamline the consultation process. This session will also examine ideas for closing the sale, and strategies for handling challenging situations that occur such as dealing with quotes, overcoming price shock, and justifying a higher price to competitors.  If you would like your customers to buy from you for reasons other than price – then this session is for you! 

Creating a Customer Experience


Enhancing the "magic of the moment" can lead to greater sales and higher margins. This presentation will focus on the psychological selling dynamics that occur on the front counter, and give you the tools required to help create a customised, individual experience for each customer. Jared not only covers new "up-to-date" methods on frame design consultation, but also how to overcome the most common difficult questions and how to effectively quote prices. Bring your staff along to this and learn how create the right customer experience, every time.  

What Customers Want


The question business owners need to ask, is how do you sell, without selling out? This new class will help provide an insight into the expectations of today's retail consumer, and how you can maximize this for increased sales, without using any generic, high pressure tactics. Jared discusses different ideas and ways to tap into your customer's true desires, enhancing the emotional aspect of your customer's business experience. Jared also shares examples used by existing framing businesses which demonstrate the success that can be achieved from a renewed approach towards a "customer focus" method of selling which will help your business attract high value customers leading to high value sales.  

The Value of Branding


Branding is the most powerful way to increasing the value of any product. This class from Jared covers several different concepts and methods that industry leading framing businesses have been able to harness the value of branding which can help you learn how to establish higher value in your business identity and the products you sell. If you’re interesting in taking your business identity the next level, then this session will provide the insight you’re looking for.  

Selling without Speaking


In today’s market, you don't necessarily have to be a salesman to make the best sale. With customers ever more resistant to what they perceive as deceptive salespeople, there is an increasing need to utilize new methods and concepts for selling high-end custom framing. This lecture is perfect for shop owners looking to successfully sell their products to the next generation of consumers. You’ll discover innovative techniques to start selling without actually speaking! This class will cover how to use silent techniques such as body language and signage, as well as proven merchandising and display concepts, in order to make a sale. These methods can lead to a satisfied customer base that never feels like they’ve been “sold”, creating long, lucrative relationships for your business.